YatraYoni spreads some hope

YatraYoni - When Sex Hurts There Is HopeOne of my favorite pelvic pain bloggers, Faith Cornwall of YatraYoni.com, recently featured a post from this blog. Simply having her feature one of my posts was a great compliment, but the tribute she gave to the When Sex Hurts There Is Hope site was amazing and I couldn’t help but share it with you. Here is an excerpt from her post…

I appreciate how Sarah recognizes that the effects of sexual pain are not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual, and therefore healing must address all four factors as well. She generously shares the lessons she has learned, validating the struggle while avoiding despair (which is probably why I am so happy with this site – that is exactly what I wish to provide to my readers as well.)

The site is well-named, hope abounds there.

I recommend you check out the entire post here as well as the rest of the site. You can always click on the link on the sidebar under fellow bloggers, or sign up on YatraYoni.com to receive her blog posts directly in your inbox like I do.