No, really, what is wrong with me? (this is my story…part 2)

Doctors are supposed to figure out what’s wrong and then fix it.  At least that’s what I thought when I first started my journey to find out why sex was so painful that it would bring me to tears.  It is not easy to talk about such a personal and intimate subject—at least it wasn’t for me.  The Nurse Practitioner I had been seeing for my annual appointments was kind, sensitive, and female—all important attributes that allowed for me to open up about my issue.  Her initial responses, although well-meant, did not help much to alleviate my ongoing self-doubt and hopelessness.  I felt as though she were down-playing my symptoms when she discussed the importance of lubrication and adequate foreplay (as if all I needed was some KY to fix my excruciating pain!).

One of the best things she did for me at that first appointment was recommend a book by the Berman sisters which included a chapter about sexual dysfunction.  Although it didn’t give me any real direction on figuring out my diagnosis, reading their book helped me to realize that yes, there was definitely something wrong with me (well beyond the help of decent foreplay).

Thus, the treasure hunt began.

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